Achieving Balance and Harmony


Jennifer McPhail

My roommate's mom gave me the Dog Whisperer DVD set to watch months ago. I broke them out the other day and I've been hooked. I can't stop watching them. It is truly amazing. I've really realized that in some respects I've been treating my dogs like people instead of dogs. They have become my roommates rather then my pets. Especially little miss Desiree, the most spoiled of the spoiled.

Now, both of my dogs have been through doggy obedience class... but I have never been able to walk them both on a leash at the same time. They struggle for the lead, leaving me dragging behind. Why? Because they are fighting for pack leader and not following me. As a result I never take them on walks and I dread putting leashes on them.

I decided this morning to put the Dog Whisperer to the challenge. I used Cesar's techniques to walk each of them individually. They both did fantastic on their own, so I decided to walk them both together. Amazing I tell you!!! For the first time ever my dogs walked calmly by my side... no struggle, no pulling... no dragging Jenny down the street.

For the first time, I really enjoyed walking them. It's great... now we can all enjoy the benefits.

Jennifer McPhail
Roanoke, VA

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