Achieving Balance and Harmony


Kelly McKenzie

Hi Cesar,

My god, you are my hero! I had to order your book from the States, because New Zealand didn't have it! It has changed my life and my dog's life, and it's like I've found something that's makes me the happiest I have ever been. I try to spread the word about you as much as I can here -- people really need to realize how to interact with their dogs properly.

Whenever I go home the first thing I do is take my dog for a walk and I can just see in her eyes a different level of respect she has for me compared to the rest of my family. What you do with dogs is just so natural. You're forever inspiring me to be the best pack leader!

Any chance of heading down under to NZ or Australia one day? It would be a dream come true if you did! I'll be practicing calm-assertive energy for the rest of my life; it has so many other positive spin-offs.

Take care, from your biggest fan ever down here,

- Kelly

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