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Leishmans Family

I have read Cesar Millan's books, and I watch all the new and old episodes of his show. I love his reasoning and explanations about dogs and why the act the way they do.

On Monday night of this week, my golden retriever was sniffing and scratching at our fireplace. My husband and I just ignored him while we put the kids to bed and relaxed. My dog, Tater, kept coming over to me, looking at me anxiously, whining, lifting my hand with his head and walking back over to the fireplace. Finally, at 10:00 p.m., I knelt down beside him and it became obvious to me what he smelled. We had a gas leak.

I immediately called our gas company. They turned off our gas, ventilated our house, and fixed the broken valve. I want to just thank Cesar Millan for making me more aware of animals, and for letting me know that animals have a great sense of their surroundings. I know that, if I were not such a faithful fan of his show, my family and I might not be sitting here safe in our home tonight. I'm so thankful that I've learned to really understand my dog, and grateful that we trusted his instincts that something wasn't right.

Thank you for making us more aware!

Leishmans Family
Riverton, UT

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