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Greetings from Holts Summit, Missouri. Hope the New Year is starting off wonderful for you. Tell everyone I said "Hi."

I wanted to write and ask if you would communicate my thanks to Cesar. I just watched his 1/26/07 episode of Dog Whisperer that took place in Atlanta, GA. He not only helped Howie, but he also helped me to help a new addition to my pack.

On 12/30/07, Dave and I rescued a four year-old, dog-aggressive, male Australian Shepherd to our pack, who had spent the last five months in a shelter. Using Cesar's techniques, he joined our pack of six dogs without problem. First, he and I did"The Walk!" Then Dave, he, and I walked, and then three pack members joined us at my veterinary clinic. Following this, we went home, I walked him around our home, and he joined the last 3 pack members on our walk. It was the most amazing and relaxed introduction of a pack member I've ever had. Thank you Cesar!

I spent the New Year weekend introducing him to our pack's "rules, boundaries, and limitations" and walking him with his new pack of brothers and sisters, and all went fantastic.

However, trouble spots developed at my veterinary clinic. Asiago, the Aussie, and three other pack members go to my clinic with me each day. Asiago is aggressive to my patients and needs constant supervision. Of course I work with him, and we're making great progress, but what we need is what Cesar and Howie gave us: repetitions and consistent reinforcement of the rules.

My pack was all around me when I was watching Dog Whisperer, as they always are. They were all relaxed and calm. Then Howie barked and growled. Everyone remained calm except for Asiago. He jumped up and immediately began growling and barking himself. I immediately placed him in the submissive position till he relaxed. Then we replayed Howie's scenes over and over. Each time there was less reaction, and then, like the rest of his pack who were all still laying calmly around us, he relaxed. It was a beautiful sight to see. Thanks to Cesar and Dog Whisperer I was able to sit in the comfort of our living room and work to help Asiago become calmer and submissive. It was wonderful. I am going to replay Cesar's show all weekend and can't wait to see how Asiago does at the clinic on Monday. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you for all you do to help me and so many others.

Holts Summit, MO

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