Achieving Balance and Harmony



I thought I would pass on a picture of my Dad "walking" Buster with his scooter. (Aren't they cute?) We were watching Dog Whisperer one night when Cesar helped an elderly man learn to walk his dog with his scooter. Dad was obviously intrigued.

The next day he tried it and has been doing it often since then. It's empowered Dad, who is often frustrated by his limitations, by adding to his sense of purpose. It's a big help to me because, although I walk the dogs, I can't get them up to the speed they need because of my physical limitations. Dad and I usually take the dogs together, and I walk one dog while he takes the other with his scooter. We switch off so they get both experiences. This is another way Cesar has made a difference.

Please pass on my thanks to Cesar.


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