Achieving Balance and Harmony


Mary Murray

I am so busy with the dogs. We are always full with German Wirehairs, as they are a rare breed in the states but are becoming more popular with just a handful of foster homes and rescues in the USA. They have not made the leap from working dog to family pet, and they require special homes. Backyard breeders have jumped on the bandwagon wanting a fast buck, and they are breeding dogs with fear issues and temperament problems. They sell the pups unsocialized as tools for hunting, and they don't pan out. That's where we come in.

We have used Cesar's way since 2004, when I first saw him at a Seminar and on TV. We send a copy of the book to adopters when they adopt, finding them on sale or at used book stores. Cesar's way is the only means to guarantee a successful adoption of these special dogs. Their needs are specific, and exercise is required, discipline (as they will walk all over someone with weak energy), and then affection when earned. This is a hard concept for most people and is incorporated in their contract when adopting.

We just got in two neglected 16 month-old pups from Indiana. They were so starved that their bodies rejected food. Both broke with a severe strain of Kennel cough on top of all of this. Both extremely terrified, unsocialized, and neither of them will eat from a bowl. I brushed up on my knowledge and skills with this type of dog on Cesar's website and using my books. I am happy to report they are finally eating, holding down food, and we have used Cesar's techniques - not touching, making eye contact, or nurturing the weak state of mind. It seems to be working for them.

I have high hopes for both of the girls, and I know that because of Cesar's methods they will be adoptable soon.

Thank you so much. I will attach some photos of the girls.

Mary Murray
President - GWP Rescue, Inc.
Olathe, KS

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