Achieving Balance and Harmony


Nicole Wright

Hi! My name is Nicole Wright, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I discovered you and your wonderful show in January. It was fate, because only weeks later, my husband Alex and I went to the shelter to drop off some dog food for them when we saw Yukon - a 1 1/2 year old Alaskan Husky. Our eyes met, and my husband and I knew instantly that we were going to take him home. Yukon was scheduled to be put down only 24 hours later, so I am convinced that the hand of an angel was in control of our destiny.

Unfortunately, we had to wait a day before we could take Yukon home so they could process our application. The moment I got home, I was on the computer researching Huskies and their behavior. Just about all of the websites I found complained about how hyper and destructive Huskies were. But knowing your techniques and seeing them work every day on your show, I felt confident that Alex and I could be great pack leaders.

The next day we went to pick up our new member of the family. Instead of taking him home and spoiling him with all the toys we had bought the night before, we took him home and took him for a 2 hour walk. Alex and I switched off walking him every couple of minutes until Yukon had firmly established who were the pack leaders in the family. Alex is in the Army, and at that time we were stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA. Alex is a very friendly person, and we always had people over to our house. I can't tell you how many compliments we got from everyone, how many times I heard, "Your dog is so well-behaved!!! Can I take him home with me?" And every time I heard that, I smiled to myself, knowing that it was all because of you.

The real test came only tonight. Alex and I were recently sent to Ft. Hood, TX. I have been taking Yukon on many long walks to make the move easier for him. There is one dog on our street - a white pit bull who goes berserk every time something walks past. He is a 70 lb. mass of strength and power and teeth that obviously wants to kill whatever he has his attention on. He jumps and snarls, and the kids on the block are terrified of him. This evening Yukon and I were walking past when the pit bull somehow jumped the fence. I saw that he was charging for Yukon, and without thinking, I acted. I put myself between him and Yukon, snapped my finger and pointed to him, looking him directly in the eyes. My entire being resonated NO! The pit bull stopped and looked at me. I pointed back to his yard, and he turned around and went back. Then I simply kept on walking Yukon.

It was only after that I realized that not for one second had I been afraid. I had simply seen the situation and taken control. I thought later what could have happened had that dog sunken his teeth into Yukon's throat, and I am convinced that Yukon would be dead, and we would be mourning the loss of our doggie-son. I am not very tall or very strong, and I fear that I would not have been able to pry the pit bull's jaws apart. But because of your teachings, I didn't have to. So thank you, Cesar. Because of you, Alex, Yukon, and I are a happy pack, and my dog is safe. I know now that whatever life throws at me, I know that I can take control and calm the situation. God bless you and your team, Cesar!!!

A grateful fan and student,

Nicole Wright

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