Achieving Balance and Harmony


PJ Estes

I am writing to let you know that I went to the seminar in Columbus, Ohio and loved it. I have been a fan of the TV show Dog Whisperer and have read the book and have all the DVDs.

The reason why Cesar's method is so special to me is because I am deaf. Cesar saw me in the front row using an interpreter during the seminar. I have struggled with several other styles of training and have been frustrated since they heavily rely on verbal commands. Your technique works and is easy for me to use. The dogs don't care that I am deaf, and I can still be their pack leader.

I have shared my DVDs with my fellow deaf friends who also are learning a lot from your techniques. We all thank you for close captioning all of your materials. Next year when you come to Columbus expect to see a large deaf section in the front!


PJ Estes
Columbus, OH

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