Achieving Balance and Harmony


Ronn Winkler


My wife and I rescued our lab/cattle-dog mix Jackson 6 months ago. He had been a stray. I was very hesitant to adopt a dog, because I wasn't sure how to own a dog properly. Your TV show and book showed me the basics of proper dog ownership and showed us how to get started. We had little experience, but I was determined to "do it right" so that we could have a dog that was happy, fulfilled, and a joy to have around.

The day of the adoption my wife dropped me and Jackson off a mile from home, and we had our first walk to his new home. We worked hard to reward calm-submissive behavior and be the pack leader at all times. We learned from you how to train him to keep from rushing at the front door or begging at the table by "claiming the space." We walked him daily (not an easy task in Minnesota winters) and exposed him to people, children, and other dogs as much as possible. He never exhibited any serious problem behaviors.

Maybe we got lucky or maybe the fact that we established ourselves as pack leaders on the first day short circuited bad behaviors. I can take Jackson anywhere now. We have advanced quickly in our obedience training, and we start agility training this weekend. We will continue to follow your lead. Jackson is a joy, and we will work to keep it that way.

Thank you, Cesar.

Ronn Winkler

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