Achieving Balance and Harmony


Rory Claire

Hello Cesar,

I love Rottweilers, and Dobermans, too, and have rescued them over the years. We recently lost our eleven-and-a-half-year-old Rottie, Nala. She was a wonderful dog. Our five-year-old female Doby, Kiara, is such a great dog. We taught her to swim, and she loves going on our boat and jet-skis, although she only goes without her bright yellow life vest when we are close to shore. I have attached some photos for your enjoyment.

I realized, after watching one of your programs, that I had not properly handled our Doby's first meeting with our cat years ago. The Doby has chased the cat ever since. I rescued our Doby when she was four months old and just figured that she was a cat chaser. Since I first began watching your show a few months ago, I have been reminding myself, and my husband and sixteen-year-old daughter, that we are the pack leaders. Today, my daughter and I brought our Doby and cat together in the way I watched on your show, and viola, it was great! Our cat loves dogs and snuggled up with our Rottweiler all the time. I think he has really missed being with a dog. We will continue working on calm-submission with our Doby, and we are looking forward to the day when we may be able to see our Doby and cat laying side-by-side in the grass of our back yard like the cat and Rottie used to do.

I try to take my Doby for an hour run every day in a great BLM area after I drop my daughter at school. During the summer, sometimes I find myself not going for that run and instead, working out at home. After watching you put different dogs on the treadmill, I decided to put my Doby on my treadmill. Today, we worked out side-by-side. Kiara on the treadmill for 30 minutes to start off and me working out with my weights. It was so great.

All our family dogs have been Rottweiler and Doberman rescues the past 25 years. I just love the big personalities and temperament and love seeing you with your beautiful Rotties, pit bulls, and other great dogs. Thanks for saving all of them and giving them such a great home. I will continue watching your show and continue working on being a great pack leader.


Rory Claire Pebble Beach, CA


And our success story continues: I decided that my five-year-old Doberman, Kiara - the one who used to chase cats - needed her own kitten. I felt confident enough with what I have learned watching Cesar's programs that we were ready. So, nine days ago, I adopted a five-week-old little guy that I named Saber, because he has a little beard like a saber-tooth tiger.

It has worked out exactly as I had anticipated. Kiara was mesmerized with curiosity and, while always keeping an eye on her in case she got too enthusiastic, and using the sound and fingers to the neck occasionally like Cesar shows us when she thought about running after Saber as he scampered about the house exploring she and her kitten have played incessantly. It is adorable to watch my 66-pound Kiara playing gently and happily with her 1-pound friend.

If it wasn't for Cesar teaching me how to be the Pack Leader, I would never have known how to handle introducing a kitten to my sweet Doberman, and she would never know the wonderful relationship that a dog and cat can have. Please let Cesar know how much I appreciate his program and how much I have enjoyed having a better relationship with my dog because of him.


Rory Claire Pebble Beach, CA

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