Achieving Balance and Harmony


Tanya and Joe Patton


Watching Cesar's show changed our lives! His method of exercise, discipline, and affection has completely changed our household. This is my story:

We have six dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. After our recent additions (two Katrina rescues) came to live with us, we started having problems. Storm, a Min-Pin, was a bundle of energy that really set off our Terrier Mix. We had to break up some pretty scary fights. We weren't sure what we had gotten ourselves into.

Our other rescue, Buddy, the Saluki, had a lot of emotional issues he was dealing with from being left behind in New Orleans. He was very clingy and didn't like to be left alone. He did experience a few anxiety attacks and also started eyeing our cat like he was going to kill her.

Then, in the midst of these problems, we discovered Cesar's show - Dog Whisperer. We started exercising our dogs every day. We have always walked our dogs multiple times a day but by simply adding a long run, EVERY DAY, it made such a huge difference.

We started making them sit for everything - food, walk, etc.

When we got home from being out, we didn't get all excited upon entering the house. We started walking in silently and ignoring them until they were all calm. Then they got affection. We told our friends and family that when they came to visit, not to give the dogs any attention until they were calmed down. Now it's not such a big deal when people come to visit.

Regarding the cat issue with Buddy: every time he would look at our cat with that hunter look, we would always say "No Cat" to snap his concentration away from her and back toward us. We picked her up a lot around him, petted her in front of him, and then would pet him. This took a couple of months, but then we were finally comfortable enough to leave them alone together when we left. We used to put them in separate rooms when we would leave. Now, they are very good friends. They lay next to each other, Buddy gives her kisses, and she can bat him occasionally and he ignores it.

A lot of issues, huh? It is so much less stressful now, we cannot thank Cesar enough. We love animals. Too many people give up too easily with behavioral issues. It is so easy to correct as long as you are disciplined about it.


Tanya and Joe Patton
(And Our Animal Crew: Xavier, Sadie, Scout, Buddy, Red, Storm, and Katie the Cat)
Tallahassee, Florida

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