Achieving Balance and Harmony


Terry, Kim, Reno, Cody, and Oni

Hello Cesar,

The last "fan" letter I wrote was to Ringo Starr. That was 44 years ago.

I have two Shar Peis - Reno and Cody. My husband and I watch your show every day. I think we have developed an "obsession"! We were joking about sending you an e-mail about our two dogs who were obsessed with the Dog Whisperer - they used to attack the television. So you can imagine our surprise when a show aired about a Shar Pei who did just that! We took some pictures of our two Shar Peis watching that episode, with a Shar Pei attacking a TV with your show on. But because we have watched every episode of your show (more than once) of course our dogs no longer attack the TV. We had a Shar Pei before these two and had few problems (once we got over the shock that I had actually brought home a cute little bundle that was actually a 'fighting dog'). However, she died of cancer and we had to get another dog - so we got two. That was a learning curve. These dogs were older and a handful. After taking them for a walk, tripping, and doing a lot of damage to my knee, shoulder, wrist and face, I knew I needed more training. Anyway, it's been a few months and things have changed now that we are getting a grip on dog psychology.

The other reason for this letter is to share a wonderful experience with you and to thank you for it. We were walking our dogs and encountered two people with two large dogs who were having a lot of trouble with them. Although they were both Dog Whisperer watchers, they didn't quite have it down as well as we did. We stopped and asked them if they wanted us to work through some problems with them. It was a lot of "Cesar say this," and "Cesar says that," but we were all able to work through it and get some great results. We passed each other back and forth with calm, assertive intention. It was quite amazing. I just wanted to share with you (as I'm sure thousands of people have) what a wonderful thing it is that you do. There must be thousands of troubled dog owners all over North America that are having wonderful results. Some of us are lovers of large aggressive breeds and it is imperative that we know what we are doing. It was an amazing feeling to actually be able to help some other dog owners in the same spot as ourselves and we had a lot of fun doing it. Besides learning a lot about dogs, it is as you say: we learn a lot about ourselves, as well. Spending time every day watching your show is not only informative but it is also nice spending time with you. You are a very special person.

So again, thank you from my husband and I, our three dogs (we also have a Shih Tzu), and thank you from our two new friends, their two large rescue dogs, and two boxers. Rules, boundaries, and limitations. Exercise, discipline, and affection. Calm submissive, calm assertive - I think we've got it!

With great appreciation for improving our lives,

Terry, Kim, Reno, Cody, and Oni
British Columbia, Canada

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