Achieving Balance and Harmony


Tessa Edwards


I have tried for a long time to find an exercise that will adequately wear out both my Border Collie and black Lab. I have recently discovered that the Lab loves to be harnessed to a log and to pull it.

I had him and my other dog down in the park today, and the Lab was pulling the log while the Border Collie and another dog (a yellow Lab) were playing. My Lab was really locked into working mode, and when the two other dogs saw him, even though one had never met him before then, they both fell into step next to him! They all were focused, calm, and attentive; they all went into a working mode, just because I was able to get one dog in that mode!

Thank you, Cesar. It has been a wonderful experience learning the Power of the Pack, and now that I have seen it in action, I know how true it is!

Tessa Edwards - Huntsville, Alabama.

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