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Mastering Leadership Series Complete DVD Box Set: Volumes 1-6

  • A must-have for dog owners! Own the definitive guide to Cesar’s approach and methods in his complete set of 6 dog training DVDs. Get it today and enjoy a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment with your dog. Save almost 20% off total value ($159.88)!

  • List Price: $159.88
  • Sale Price: $129.88 (save $30.00)

Get the Complete 6-Disc Set - SAVE $30 & FREE SHIPPING*

Internationally recognized dog behavior expert Cesar Millan brings you his complete Mastering Leadership Series. For the first time, you can own all 6 dog training DVDs detailing Cesar's approach and methods in one comprehensive collection. A value of $159.88!

    *Free shipping valid on US destinations only. An additional fee will be charged on shipments outside of the US.

    Customer Testimonials

  • I ordered the box set and watched it entirely in two days. It was a HUGE help for me and my two pit bulls. I am a big changed my life & I tell everybody!! I LOVE CEASER MILLAN!!! orale!! : D
  • DVD box set is wonderful. I learn something new every time I watch them! Thanks!
  • The Mastering Leadership series boxset was so great. It targeted common problem areas, as well as showcasing different kinds of dogs and how to handle those issues with them. I enjoyed how Cesar created it so all of his methods can be applied to any dog owner. :)
  • Mastering Leadship gave me some great ideas which I have put into practice and have really helped my dogs in a positive way
  • The Mastering Leadership Series is the most helpful tool I have found for learning to be an effective pack leader to my two dogs. Entertaining and informative with lots of examples. I shall keep going back to it as the need arises. One of the most useful aspects is that it is visual. This makes such a difference, as sometimes it is hard to visualise an action from the written word.

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