Achieving Balance and Harmony

Mastering Leadership Series Vol. 5: Common Canine Misbehaviors (DVD)

  • Cesar shares his secrets for overcoming the five most common dog misbehaviors, including barking at a specific stimulus, barking while owner is away, aggression towards other dogs, overexcited or hyperactive dogs, and problems on the walk

  • List Price: $29.99

Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership dog training DVDs offer the definitive collection of Cesar's approach and methods.

Everybody dreams of having a perfect dog - one that is happy, healthy, well-balanced, and socializes well with other animals and people. Cesar shows you how to make this dream a reality!

How to Solve Common Dog Problems

Welcome to Part 5 of Cesar’s Mastering Leadership Series, Common Canine Misbehaviors: Solutions to the 5 Most Common Dog Problems. In this program Cesar will share practical techniques for overcoming the 5 most common dog misbehaviors.

Five Most Common Dog Problems

  • Barking at a specific stimulus, such as the doorbell or the mail carrier.
  • Barking while the owner is away, including techniques for handling separation anxiety.
  • Aggression towards other dogs, teaching the difference between fear aggression and dominant aggression.
  • Overexcited or hyperactive behavior, such as jumping up
  • Problems on the walk, including pulling on the leash, lunging at other dogs, and walking more than one dog at a time.

You'll also learn...

  • Tips for riding your bike with your dog
  • How to safely introduce your dog to the treadmill
  • The ideal walk -- from start to finish!

Special Features

  • Subtitles in Spanish
  • Fear of loud noises, such as fireworks, thunderstorms, and other common sounds.
  • Exercise tips from veterinarian Dr. Garcia
  • Tips for finding the right dog professional to work with your dog

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