Achieving Balance and Harmony


Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization (DVD)

  • NEW!

    Cesar Millan shows you why it's important to socialize your dogs, and how you can do it.

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  • Sale Price: $29.99

Pack Leader Collar™

  • Introducing the newest addition to Cesar's training tool collection, the Pack Leader Collar is the tool that will help you master the walk with your dog.

  • Sale Price: $44.99

Cesar Millan Bright Light Collar™

  • NEW! This light-up, solar-powered LED collar adds safety to walks at night with your dog.

  • Sale Price: $25.00

Cesar Millan Funny Muzzle™

  • NEW! Available in three cute designs, these muzzles will invite positive energy to you and your dog, instead of the negative energy that is usually associated with dogs wearing traditional muzzles.

  • Sale Price: $19.99

Dog Fundamentals Kit

  • This combo pack gives you the perfect start to understanding dog behavior and Mastering the Walk. Save over 10% off the total value when you purchase this combo!
  • Sale Price: $79.95

"Take a Hike" Combo

  • Put together for outdoor enthusiasts, this combo pack is great for dogs (and humans) who love to spend time with Mother Nature and go hiking. Plus, save over 10% off the total value when you purchase this kit!

  • Sale Price: $104.00

Cesar Millan Dog Backpack

  • Cesar Millan's Dog Backpack is now stronger and more durable than ever!

  • Sale Price: $75.00

ProLine Dog Crates

  • The world's first and only crash-tested and approved dog crate, these superior quality crates are made in Switzerland for the safest transportation of your dog!


    Please use our Car Configurator to determine the crate model appropriate for your vehicle and canine pal.
  • Sale Price: $549.00

Fling-A-Ring Toy

  • This adorable squirrel plush toy is easy to throw, and tail squeaks to entice your dog to fetch!
  • Sale Price: $10.00
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