Achieving Balance and Harmony

Mastering Leadership Series Vol. 1: People Training for Dogs (Shelter Stars)

  • Get up-close and personal with Cesar as he shares his thoughts on everything from the basics of dog behavior, the pack, energy and body language, the importance of the walk, and more in this commonsense guide to understanding the basics of dog behavior.

    Please use the coupon given by the shelter you adopted your pet from.

    Please Note: Shelter Stars DVD program is a digital download. Current DVD title being offered may not be the same as what is depicted on the Shelter Stars coupon. If you'd prefer to purchase a physical DVD instead of downloading, please click here.
  • List Price: $24.98

Congratulations on your dog adoption! The Cesar Millan Foundation would like to help you get off to a great start with your new companion. For a limited time, you can receive a FREE digital copy of People Training for Dogs, the first installment in Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership DVD series. A must-have for dog lovers, Cesar Millan's Mastering Leadership Series offers the definitive collection of Cesar's approach and methods.

Understand and Fulfill Your Dog

Dogs are very simple. Animals are very simple. We make it complicated for them by not understanding who they are and what they need, and their language and how they create their behavior. Even if you don’t know anything about dogs, or you have no clue about dog psychology, knowing how to fulfill a dog properly will allow him or her to be balanced.
- Cesar Millan

A Commonsense Guide

In the first installment of Cesar’s best-selling Mastering Leadership Series, Cesar shares his wisdom and wit from a lifetime of working with dogs. You’ll go up-close and personal with Cesar as he shares his thoughts on dog behavior, the pack, energy, exercise, the walk, discipline, affection, and more!

People Training for Dogs will help you learn Cesar’s techniques for providing fulfillment and balance for your dog, and getting the most out of your relationship!

    Topics Include

  • The basics of dog behavior and the nature of the pack
  • How to approach a dog
  • The importance of the walk
  • The importance of rules, boundaries, and limitations
  • How to employ energy and body language
  • Achieving balance
  • How to understand your dog as animal, dog, breed, and then personality
  • What your dog really needs versus what you're giving him
  • Cesar’s simple "Fulfillment Formula": Exercise, Discipline, then Affection

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