Achieving Balance and Harmony


Living my dream

By Cesar Millan

The odds of succeeding were against me. But I tried to never think about the negative. Being an immigrant, not speaking English, and coming from a poor background has never been at the forefront of my thinking. The dream was always at the forefront. When you’re poor, you have nothing to lose and nothing to be afraid of. Holding onto the dream and having nothing to lose is what helped me succeed.

That’s why receiving the 2011 Dream Award for Latino Heritage month was so near and dear to my heart. Being awarded for something you do—not to be rewarded but because you’re passionate about it—is really touching.  But the award really goes out to my parents who gave me the strength, spirit, hope and dreams.

I also want to congratulate Fernando Valenzuela for receiving the Hope award and Salvador Castro for the Spirit Award. Fernando Valenzuela was the first Mexican pitcher the world ever heard about. He brought so much hope to our culture. Salvador Castro fought for education among Mexican-Americans and received the Spirit Award.

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