Achieving Balance and Harmony


How Jillian Michaels’s dogs keep her grounded

By: Nicole Pajer

Jillian Michaels is no stranger to Cesar’s Way. The A-list trainer had Cesar help one of her dogs learn to coexist with her horse on an episode of “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” and has weighed in on important article topics, such as ways to incorporate your dog into your weight-loss routine. In addition to whipping people into shape and promoting a nutritious diet, Michaels is an avid dog lover. She currently owns three dogs, all of which she rescued from local animal shelters.

We caught up with Michaels to discuss her favorite dog trick, funniest dog blooper (she shared more than one and they are equally as hysterical), and her favorite pastime in which she incorporates her dogs. Michaels also reveals how living with her three four-legged friends helps to keep her grounded.

Jillian’s Dogs:

Seven – Italian greyhound mix
Harley – Terrier mix
Richard – Chihuahua

What’s your favorite dog trick?


What was your secret to teaching your dog to do it?

That’s a big one. I have no idea how to teach it. Hire a professional like Cesar.

Funny dog blooper?

Harley crapped on my business partner’s shoe under the table during a staff meeting. Richard humped my elbow and the video ended up on "The Tonight Show."

How do your dogs keep you grounded?

My dogs remind me who the boss is every day when I'm making their dinner, washing their bedding, playing fetch. It's like I work for them.

What is your favorite hobby that you share with your dogs?

Hikes and beach walks! Make sure you both stay hydrated!

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