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How flea and tick treatments work

FRONTLINE® Plus works with oil glands in the skin to distribute itself all over your pet’s body. When fleas hop on, they are killed within 24 hours and often before they can lay eggs. So, essentially, your pet becomes a walking flea exterminator-killing fleas without them even having to bite.

Treated pets can still pick up fleas, but after three to four months, FRONTLINE® Plus breaks any established flea life cycles and helps prevent any new ones from taking hold. Regular treatment is important though, as any gaps in use can open the door to a renewed infestation.

Because FRONTLINE® Plus is waterproof, you can bathe your pet, walk your pet in the rain, and allow a refreshing dip in the pool or pond. Your pet does need to be dry, though, at the time FRONTLINE® Plus is applied, and remain dry for 24 hours after application.

While applying FRONTLINE® Plus to your dog, it’s important to remember the following points:

  • The product needs to reach your pet’s skin, not just its haircoat.
  • You should use the entire vial on your pet. (Splitting a vial between two pets is not effective.)
  • All pets in the household need to be treated. Some dogs and cats are good at masking the signs of a flea infestation, but if one pet gets infested, all pets in the household can be as well.
  • For the best results, FRONTLINE® Plus should be used once a month, year-round.

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