Halloween is right around the corner. It’s a wonderful time of year because the leaves are changing and the days are getting shorter. It’s also the perfect time to brew some hot cocoa or warm lattes and bake all the pumpkin-flavored treats. And you can’t forget about the horror-movie marathons. A lot of us have probably started putting out their Halloween decorations. The most common of the Halloween décor is of course the humble pumpkin. You can either place a bunch of them around the home uncarved, or, attempt to create a masterpiece by carving into the round orange gourds. 

Most people like to carve the classic crooked Jack-o-lantern face, but some of the more creative people might try for something a bit bolder. And for those who love carved pumpkins but can’t exactly call themselves artistic, there are stencils that save the day. And yes, some of those include dog-themed stencils. For anyone who loves both dogs and Halloween, this is certainly a win all around. 

Below is a gallery of some of the best dog-themed pumpkin carvings out there that will definitely get you excited and inspired for the upcoming spooky season:

1 The Likeness is Uncanny

This definitely looks like it took a lot of skill to carve. Quite impressive.


2 A Trail of Pumpkins

This wiener dog carving took up three pumpkins and we love it!


3 Pumpkin Pug

Nothing is cuter than a pug, except for maybe a pumpkin carving of a pug.


4 Two is Better than One

Two pumpkins with dog carvings is always a good idea.


5 It’s Me!

This good boy is all smiles. He must recognize his likeness on the pumpkin.


6 Twinsies

This sweet little German Shepherd seems to be enjoying hanging out beside his pumpkin


7 Corgi-o-Lantern

This is just too cute. I want 20 of these for my front porch. Oh, and a few of the pumpkins too!


8 Absolutely Stunning

You tend to forget that this is a pumpkin. It just looks like pure art.


9 Incredible Carving Skills

Whoever did this is quite the pumpkin carving master!


10 Happy Halloween!

A very adorable pumpkin carving, and I want to try making one myself.


What do you think of these pumpkins? Are you inspired for Halloween? Let us know!

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