10 Dogs That Look Just Like Their Human Companions

If you’re a dog lover there is every chance you’ve seen the classic “101 Dalmatians” movie at least once. But realistically, probably more than once. And there is that beginning scene where Pongo is staring out the window trying to find a girlfriend for his owner, Roger. What has always stuck out in my mind about that scene is how the animators highlighted the striking similarities between the owners and their dogs. And while it’s a cute scene in the movie, in real life there is some truth behind it.

How many of us have been told that we seem to possess a likeness to our dogs? Probably a fair few of us have heard from a friend or family member that we seem to be morphing into our dogs or vice versa. There have even been studies done that show we somehow do manage to pick dogs that resemble us in some way. Even if not necessarily in looks, our dogs tend to have the same personality traits or expressions of us. It’s amazing how that works. 

And if you’re still a little skeptical about dogs and their owners sharing some similarities, check out the pictures below that might change your mind:

1 Same Eyes

It’s not every day that you come across someone with two different colored eyes, which is why it’s so cool that these two found each other.


2 Striking Blue Eyes

Another eye example, this dog and owner duo share the same vibrant blue eyes


3 Chubby Cheeks

It’s uncanny how much these two look alike.


4 Twins

This makes you wonder if they share the same stylist.


5 Nap Time

Sometimes the similarities just lie in the mannerisms.


6 Selfie Time!

These two have a great selfie game.


7 The Excitement is Real

These two are clearly excited about the same thing.


8 Same Hair, Different Species

Even though one is a human and the other is a dog, there is no denying they both have some luscious curls.


9 Staring at the Ceiling

These two definitely have the twinning thing down.


10 All Smiles

There is no way to tell which one is happier here, but they definitely share the same cute expressions.


What do you think of these dogs and owners? Have we convinced you that dogs and owners look alike? Let us know!

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