There are a ton of different breeds of dogs, so if you’re looking to add a dog to your family, there’s a good chance that with a little research, you’ll be able to find a dog that suits your lifestyle. Every dog is different, and certain breeds will have specific traits that perhaps other breeds lack. Some dogs will be more suited to an active lifestyle, but if what you’re looking for is a low-key and easy-going pooch, then consider one of these breeds below:

1. Bichon Frise

These dogs are cute white floofs that are as intelligent as they are adorable. These dogs do well in obedience training and they’re generally gentle and happy dogs that make wonderful companions. They are great in a family setting, however, they’d probably do better in a home with older children.

2. Bulldog

The Bulldog is a breed that has a very gentle and loving nature despite their strong and sometimes intimidating build. Of course, these dogs don’t always know their own strength when expressing their joy at seeing their person, but it’s nothing a little training can’t handle.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed makes for a very affectionate family dog and they are perfect for homes with children. Their smaller size means that they can even be an indoor dog, and they pick up on training very quickly. These dogs don’t require too much exercise. But they also can’t handle play time that is too rough either.

4. Collie

These dogs are also known as the “Lassie dog.” They are smart dogs who pick up on training quite easily, but they also require more calm environments. They’re known to be quite loyal pets and are generally well-behaved with kids.

5. English Toy Spaniel

This breed is known for having long coats, drop ears, docked tails, and short snouts. But besides their well-known appearance, this breed is also known to have very happy and easy-going dispositions. They make great dogs to be kept inside the home or apartment, and they can be affectionate with kids. They may take their time warming up to strangers, but these dogs are quite calm and gentle.

6. French Bulldog

The Frenchie is basically a smaller version of a Bulldog, but with big ears. And just like the Bulldog, these pups are very happy and sweet dogs who like to socialize. Plus, they don’t need a whole lot of exercise which means they’re great for city or apartment living.

7. Golden Retriever

This breed is always a family favorite because of their sweet and easy-going nature. Plus, they love to please their humans, so they’re pretty good about training. And they tend to love children. It’s no wonder that the Golden Retriever is always a favorite for being easy-going, family-friendly dogs.

8. Great Dane

Despite how large they are, Great Danes are actually gentle giants. They are friendly and devoted. They might be a little slow to pick up on things, but if you have some patience they will learn. But what they might not easily pick up on right away, they make up for in a willingness to please. And these dogs also tend to be good around the family’s kids.

9. Greyhound

Greyhounds are actually pretty easy-going dogs who make wonderful family pets. They might be a little shy around strangers but will eventually come out of their shell. They can also be suited to living in smaller environments, such as apartments, but they will require some kind of outlet for running – so maybe make sure there is a park nearby.

10. Irish Setter

These beautiful dogs are known for their rich mahogany colored hair. They are outgoing dogs who might take longer to mature than others, but they are very loyal to their humans. And they do make great family pets.

What do you think of these dog breeds? Have you ever owned one? Let us know!

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