Cats aren’t the only animals capable of showing us their grumpy side. Sure, Grumpy Cat was an icon for his less than impressed face, but have you ever seen a dog get that way? Our dogs can definitely show us that they’re capable of being upset as well. Most of the time we assume that they’re always happy and chipper beings, but they have their negative emotions as well. And there is no poker face on them either – you can always tell exactly what a dog is feeling. It’s always written large across those expressive faces of theirs. So when our dogs get upset about something, sometimes their expressions convey displeasure are actually quite cute. 

Check out the top ten grumpy dogs below:

1 Less than Impressed

This pooch’s natural underbite lends itself perfectly to this disgruntled face. 

2 The Look of Betrayal

We are laughing out loud at this one – it’s so obvious this poor boy went to go see the vet.

3 Why, human, Why?

This pup clearly hates being dressed up in ridiculous hats and then having his picture taken. Sorry buddy, sometimes you gotta do it for the ‘Gram!

4 Too Tired to Fetch

This pup clearly isn’t having it during a game of fetch.

5 Not a Fan

We can’t tell if this dog just isn’t a fan of wearing clothes, or if he isn’t a fan of Ghostbusters. We’re going to go with the first one because everyone loves Ghostbusters!

6 I really Don’t Like You

This pup is the embodiment of when you have to spend time around someone you loathe.

7 You Did Me Dirty

We don’t know what this owner did, but judging from the dog’s face, it was unforgivable. 

8 What Are You Looking At?

Sometimes dogs aren’t even upset, sometimes they just have a resting grumpy face…like this guy right here.

9 Too Tired to Function

Same, buddy, same! That’s probably what I look like too.

10 Sharing is Caring

This pup clearly knows that sharing is caring but is probably wondering why his owner doesn’t believe in that philosophy, which explains the grumpy face. 

What do you think of these dogs? Let us know!

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