12 Dogs Have A Surprisingly Well-Behaved Birthday Party

Birthday parties. They’re always better when celebrated with friends. These celebrations even extend down to our pets. Our precious fur babies can also use a good ol’ bash for their birthdays. When I was a kid, I always made sure that we threw a birthday party for each of our pets. My dog, Bonita, was always the most engaged and appreciative of having a birthday party thrown in her honor. The cats, on the other hand, always look perplexed to be wearing party hats while we sang them Happy Birthday. It’s always fun to see our pets enjoy themselves when it is their birthday. 

And one lucky pit bull, Rosemary, was the center of attention at her birthday festivities. And the best part was she was joined by all her best buddies from the Lending Paws Pet Care. The gray pit bull was celebrating her fourth birthday, and as a result, the staff at the doggie daycare center threw her a party. 

Lending Paws Pet Care/Facebook

Aubrey Thweatt shared that she makes sure that all the dogs who come to the center get a party thrown for their birthday, and these parties always involve plenty of treats, party favors, and party hats! Sounds like an absolute blast. These fun parties are actually pretty tame. All the guests, birthday girl included, were very well-behaved. The party attendees are always on their best behavior for every birthday that ever comes up. And they love to take photos as a group – they even understand the phrase, “picture time.” How cute is that? Apparently, whenever Aubrey says it, the whole gang gathers for some wholesome party pictures. 


This tight-knit group of doggies have been friends for years as their owners have been using Aubrey’s pet care services for a while. And they definitely enjoy their day care time, having full reign of the house and backyard. But perhaps the only thing that these dogs love better than celebrating each other’s birthdays is getting to nap together. And we don’t blame them on that one – the only thing better than partying is napping.

What do you think of these playful pooches? Is this not the best birthday tradition ever? Do you throw parties for your dogs’ birthdays? Let us know!

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