15 “Beware Of Dog” Signs That Aren’t Fooling Anyone

People put up “Beware of Dog” signs in their yard for many different reasons. Some people put them up because their dog is genuinely a scary pup that doesn’t do well around strangers, while others want to intimidate potential burglars into thinking their pooch is a lot tougher than they actually are. Some people just like the aesthetic of a “Beware of Dog” sign. Regardless, they’re a pretty common sight in different neighborhoods around the country.

But for those that try to make their dogs seem more brutal than they actually are, here are 15 adorable pictures of the best boys and girls who got caught out for not being as vicious as the signs would suggest.

Take a look below:

1. Beware this Golden Retriever. This adorable pup definitely isn’t fooling anyone, you’d so get suffocated by doggie cuddles if you went in that back yard.

Photo: Reddit

2. Sometimes, being an attack dog is tiring work. Just look at this silly boy who looks like he gave up halfway through his shift. He’d rather just chill than warn people to beware of him.

Photo: Instagram

3. As one person wrote when they posted this picture, “I don’t think our sign is fooling anyone.” They know that their dog is way too friendly to be taken seriously. I mean, look at how adorable that paw reach is!

Photo: Reddit

4. We’ll chance it with this cutie. I mean, how much damage can he realistically do? This little floof is the cutest attack-dog-in-training that we’ve ever seen. It makes us smile.

Photo: Reddit

5. This precious little pup needs to work on his expression. He’s not scaring anyone. He’s definitely too happy-looking to deter people because you just want to go give him a scratch on the head and get some doggie love.

Photo: Instagram

6. This would have the opposite effect – we just want to cuddle the little dog and never let them go rather than beware and avoid them. We need to be honest, sometimes some dogs just don’t have the scary factor.

Photo: Reddit

7. Beware the stuff of nightmares – only it isn’t this sweet pup. This adorable little girl was all smiles, clearly not ready to scare anyone away. It would appear that all she wants is attention. We’d be more than happy to oblige.

Photo: Instagram

8. This one is just too precious. Not only do we get a silly pup who isn’t fooling anyone, but we got his buddies as well. If the first pup’s derpy face is anything to go by, we can only assume that the other two dogs are equally as precious goofballs as the first one. Also, the sign is in a different language – proving that dogs are adorably silly pups no matter where in the world they are.

Photo: Reddit

9. Small but mighty – at least that is what this little guy is trying to convey. Personally, this little pup wouldn’t deter me. He’s just too cute!

Photo: Reddit

10. If you come any closer you’ll be forced to endure lots of doggie kisses. Let’s face it, this adorable little pooch has got his tongue ready to cover you with kisses. So much for “beware of dog.” More like “beware of cuddle monster.”

Photo: Reddit

11. I don’t think he’s the one you want. Based off the sign alone, I’m going to say false advertising at it’s finest. This little pooch isn’t a scry bulldog at all, he’s not even a bulldog period. He’s a cute little Pom with a flower in its hair – clearly the furthest thing from scary as you can get.

Photo: Instagram

12. This sweet boy even is holding his toys while he’s on “watch dog duty”. This is clearly the doggie equivalent of carrying his blanket around or still using a pacifier. We don’t believe the sign that we should beware of him. Instead, he should beware of strangers that might want to take this cutie home with them!

Photo: Reddit

13. When you lie on your resume but get the job anyways. This pocket-sized pup isn’t scaring anyone. He’s just too adorable. Who knows? Maybe he does have some attack dog moves on him, but we’ve yet to see them.

Photo: Instagram

14. At least it’s not false advertising. Sometimes, the beware of dog signs will feature a large dog but then you get a small little pooch. They got the dimensions right, but we just don’t see the ferocity in this guy. He looks too happy about welcoming you into the home.

Photo: Instagram

15. If wish.com were a dog, it would be this dog. That sign features a picture of what you think you’re getting. But this delightfully fluffy pup is what you’re actually getting. And there is clearly no need to be aware around this guy.

Photo: Reddit

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