15 Photos Of Dogs Before And After Adoption

There are so many animals in need of homes. And unfortunately, there are far too many homeless animals than forever families to adopt all of them. Sadly, this means that there are 2.7 million animals across the US who are euthanized every year. Of course, this number can definitely decrease significantly if people were to properly spay/neuter their pets, or adopt from shelters rather than purchase the expensive pure breeds. Often times, the animals that end up in shelters are there because people treat them like they’re expendable, and abandon them.

That is why, treating a pet with plenty of respect is so important, since they’re a life-long commitment rather than a temporary project. In regards to picking out a pet, it is always better to save a life by adopting, rather than buying. An adopted pet will always repay you in love and loyalty.

Shelter dogs recognize that you’re saving their life, and seeing them light up when they get adopted is one of the most precious things to witness. Below are 15 dogs who you can see their before and after pictures of adoption. They go from sad and depressed-looking doggies to overly joyous pooches, and the results are just beautiful:

1. Scarlett


2. Steve


3. Leo


4. Teddy


5. Holland


6. Pillow


7. Max


8. Edgar


9. Spokey


10. Jackson


11. Mischka


12. Mr. Whiskey Party


13. Pig Pen


14. Chex


15. Charlotte


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