15 Times Dogs Were Told They Were Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park

Dogs are pretty easy-going animals, and it isn’t hard to get them excited to go for a ride in the car. In fact, whenever you want to get them to go to the vet or the groomers, all you need to do is just open the car door and they’re more than willing to hop in without a second thought.

Of course, once you turn down a specific street or you take a certain route, then it clicks and they realize where they’re going. Unfortunately for them by that point, it’s too late to turn back. However, if you whip out your phone at that moment, then you’re bound to capture a picture that perfectly captures their realization as to where they’re headed.

And some of them are truly hilarious:

1. Sadness

There is no other way to describe this pooch’s face but the epitome of sadness. He looks like he’s re-evaluating his life’s choices of getting into the car. Better luck next time buddy.

Photo: Reddit

2. Oh no!

The classic face of panic. He knows where he’s going and it’s not going to be fun.

Photo: Imgur

3. Where are you taking me, Karen?

He’s looked out the window. He knows where he’s going. And he’s panicking about it. We don’t blame him.

Photo: Reddit

4. Did you say vet?

Huskies and Malamute dogs have pretty expressive eyes by nature. And that particularly serves them well when it comes to expressing the terror and nerves they feel about that trip to the vet’s office.

Photo: Imgur

5. That better not be the place I think it is.

This little pup doesn’t look as nervous as much as annoyed. He looks like he’s about to start giving off about where he’s headed.

Photo: Reddit

6. Do I stay or roll down the window and take my chances?

This little guy, with his nervous expression and lifted paw, looks like he’s about to hit the window button and pull a tuck and roll.

Photo: Reddit

7. Holy S***

There is no way that this dog is thinking about anything else except for expletives. He clearly looks less than thrilled about going to the vet’s office.

8. Why are you doing this to me?

There is no other way to describe this poor dog’s face other than betrayal. They look so sad that their owner has betrayed them by bringing them somewhere so unpleasant. You just want to turn the car around with that look.

Photo: Imgur

9. My human lied.

Another sad face that makes you want to turn the car around as you apologize profusely.

Photo: Imgur

10. I will get my revenge.

This face says hell hath no fury as a dog scorned. If I were that owner I’d sleep with one eye open.

Photo: Imgur

11. The side-eye

Clearly, this is a last-ditch effort to keep the vet away. Clearly this dog doesn’t surrender so easily.

Photo: Reddit

12. Take me home, please.

Another final attempt to get their owner to leave. And it’s a very powerful look of sadness. This dog is definitely an expert at using the puppy eyes.

Photo: Imgur

13. Disappointment in a series.

The first picture is happy ignorance – they dog probably thinks that they’re headed for a fun day out. One look later, and the truth is inescapable. That final picture is pure disappointment.

Photo: Reddit

14. If you can’t see me…

If you can’t see me, you can’t make me go into the scary room. It’s decent logic, but sadly it won’t save this pooch.

Photo: Imgur

15. Never too young for side eye.

Just a puppy and already a master of the judgmental side eye. Just for that, this puppy deserves a treat.

Photo: Reddit

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