19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Is Still Looking For A Forever Home

Age is just a number, at least that is what we tell ourselves as most of us feel much younger than we actually are – pets included.

Unfortunately, pets age at a much faster rate than humans. But there are still plenty of senior dogs who act and feel like they’re puppies still.

One of them, a 19-year-old Cattle Dog mix named Ace, is proving that age is just a number. According to a dog age calculator, if he were human, he’d be 135 yet this energetic senior still loves to go for walks, play around, and he can still leap into any back seat of a car for rides.

Ace is currently at Sacramento SPCA looking for a forever home. While he certainly doesn’t act like an old man, Ace does have the signs of a senior. He’s greying and his eyesight is nearly gone – he does have enough of it left in order to enjoy walks and playing fetch up close where he can still see.

The friendly dog is currently being fostered and his foster mom is spoiling him rotten until someone comes forward to adopt him.

His foster mom said to The Dodo, “He thinks he’s 2 years old, not 19!”

Photo: Facebook/Sacramento SPCA

She recently took Ace to a pet store, where the happy senior got to pick out a toy. He was excited and sniffed around the toys, nudging a few until he found the perfect one. He selected himself a red fox – then went in a beeline for the door, adorably unaware that you need to pay first.

Photo: Facebook/Sacramento SPCA

Ace is a friendly dog, getting along well with other dogs as well as a few cats in his foster home. On walks, he’s always the leader of the group. He is not letting his age slow him down one bit.

“There’s somebody for every dog,” his foster mom said. She has also commented that Ace has excellent house manners and knows some commands like “sit” and “down”.

Photo: Facebook/Sacramento SPCA

While he may be old, this senior is proving that he still has lots of walks to take, toys to fetch and kisses to give. If Ace sounds like the perfect pet, please get in contact with the Sacramento SPCA for more information.

And even if you can’t take him, in future always consider giving a senior dog or cat a home – they deserve just as much love as the younger ones. And they make great companions.

You can watch Ace in the video down below pick out his new toy:

19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Just Wants A Forever Family

Let's find this 19-year-old puppy a forever home!

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, November 8, 2019


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