20+ Dogs Who Don’t Understand Personal Space

A silly pug sits on his owners face.

Dogs. They are many wonderful things, but personal space givers they are not. Our dogs love to be with us, beside us, and more preferably, right on top of us. And as more of us work from home as a result of the pandemic, our dogs are more than happy to get up in our personal space all day, every day.

Of course, this isn’t new. Dogs not giving us personal space has been something long before the pandemic ever was.

So Below is a Look at the Dogs Who Just Don’t Understand What Personal Space Is:

Table Built for Two

Image: workinprogress/imgur

Clearly, this big boy doesn’t understand two things: personal space and his own size. And judging from his owner’s expression, it’s going to be a long day trying to work from home.

Sharing is Caring

To be fair, sometimes dogs don’t respect our personal space because there is food involved. And we can’t blame them, how many of us suddenly want to be beside our significant others who are eating something tasty?

Parrot Dog

With the right makeup and clothing, this could be a very convincing Halloween costume.

Every Dog, Ever

Image Credit: IHasAHotDog

“I’ve Been Expecting You.”

You can’t get mad at this adorable little face. Who cares if you don’t get the personal space you’ve craved all day? Just look at that face!

The Demands Never Stop

Image: Pulptastic

Ever get home and all you want to do is just veg out on the couch? Well, if you have a dog this may not happen. At least not until you have made sure they’re fed. It’s the life we live as pet parents.

“You’re in My Spot.”

Image: workinprogress/imgur

Puppies are notorious for having no sense of personal space. And as can be seen by the kid’s face, this puppy doesn’t seem to care where he’s sitting, so long as he’s with his favorite person.

All the Kisses!

While this little pup might not know what it means to give his owner personal space, at least he’s doing it with lots of love. And there is nothing better than doggie kisses to make you smile – well, maybe not this owner.

Is That a Dog or Cat?

Image: atomhorse/Tumblr

Normally, it’s the cat’s job to invade your space by presenting their butts in your face when you’re trying to do something important. However, this little pug seems to have gotten his wires crossed because he’s acting exactly like a cat.

Netflix and Chill Doggie-Style

Image: workinprogress/imgur

This dog has absolutely no chill when it comes to his human. He’s practically smothering his best friend on the couch as the two hang out. At least it’s nice to know how much he cares.

The Bonds Start Young

Image: funnydogsite

This baby is never too young to learn a valuable lesson: dogs do not understand the concept of personal space. At least the baby is going to grow up with the bestest friend ever.

The Dog You Can Also Use as a Scarf

When it gets a little chilly out in autumn or winter there is no need to run to the store – just call your dog over for a cuddle. They will be more than happy to oblige, plus their fur will keep your neck warm and toasty.

Cuddle Time!

Image: workinprogress/imgur

While this may be incredibly comfortable for the dog, we have our doubts about how the owner is fairing. That is the thing with big dogs, they really don’t know their own size. We can only speculate their owner is uncomfortable breathing in fur.

Can’t Get a Moment’s Peace

Image: Pinterest

Unless you lock your door when going to the bathroom, expect an audience in the form of your dog or dogs. While it’s sweet that they want to be around us all the time, sometimes we just need them to wait outside.

I Don’t Understand What You Mean “Personal Space.”

This is adorable. The dog has absolutely no idea what the owner means by personal space. How many of us can relate to this?

They Got Grandpa!

What is cuter than a picture of a dog who has no understanding of personal space? A pack of dogs who don’t know what personal space is…especially if they’re pugs. Just look at those faces!

Best Seats in the House

Image: Buzzsharer/Pinterest

Oof, two Rottweilers for the price of one – that kid must be uncomfortable. And his expression seems to convey a plea for help as his two loving pooches enjoy what they think are the best seats in the house.

I’m Not Leaving


This picture is hilarious as the dog’s eyes make it look like an overly jealous significant other who refuses to leave. We know that’s just the flash though.

19. All aboard the cuddle train


The thing about dogs who don’t give you personal space is that you can’t be mad at them. They’re just doing what comes naturally to them: being our best friends. And while it might be uncomfortable at times, it’s much appreciated.

Excuse You

Image: MemeGuy

Finding the Natural Opening to Start a Conversation

Dogs don’t know what personal space is. Therefore, they will take whatever opening they see to get close to us and show us how much they love us – even if it’s quite awkward.

Cruella de Vil, but Make it PETA-Approved Fashion

Dogs can sometimes make the best accessories – especially when it’s unexpected. No need to match outfits with them while at the dog park, just let them drape themselves over your shoulders like a living stole – it’s living art!

Can You Not Sit Somewhere Else?

Image: redhaireverywhere / Imgur

This loyal dog takes his loyalty a little too seriously. Can he really not sit somewhere else? Guess not. Oh well, it’s what makes him man’s best friend.

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