Month: November 2016

“Does Your Dog Bite?”

“Does Your Dog Bite?” A dog is acting aggressively.

There’s a famous moment in an old Peter SellersPink Panther movie in which his character Inspector Clouseau asks a hotel desk clerk, “Does your dog bite?” After the clerk says no, Clouseau reaches down to pet the dog, which bites him. The punchline to the routine is the clerk explaining, “That is not my dog.” […]

Chasing Away The Bears

Chasing Away The Bears Cesar Millan

I saw a video on YouTube recently that’s pretty amazing. You can watch it in that link, although you’ve probably seen similar videos. In it, a couple of small dogs are barking at something in their backyard. One dog is a terrier, maybe thirty pounds at the most. The other is a Dachshund, about two […]