Month: April 2017

The Real Meaning Of “Dog Nation”

The Real Meaning Of “Dog Nation” some pet owners talk at a park

The first season of “Dog Nation” is over, although you can still catch it online via your cable provider or streaming on Hulu. Through the first season episodes, my son Andre and I visited seven cities, worked with seventeen organizations, and helped several dozen people with their dog issues. During the process, Andre and I […]

Having A Rocky Moment

Having A Rocky Moment Cesar and his son Andre climb the famous Rocky steps in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is called the City of Brotherly Love — which is literally what the name means — and that love came through for Andre and I when we came to town. Not only did we get to see the birthplace of the United States, we got to visit the country’s first animal shelter ever, indulge […]

Making Change

Making Change Cesar and his son Andrew talk to a group of people.

When you have to correct a dog’s behavior, you can’t really teach them by just yelling at them, “Wrong, wrong, wrong!” This will tell them that they’ve done something you don’t like, but do absolutely nothing to guide them toward the proper behavior. People are the same way. You can tell them they’re wrong all […]

Get Cesar’s Best Training Tips In Your Inbox

Get Cesar’s Best Training Tips In Your Inbox A pet owner reads Cesar's updates on her phone

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