Day: August 2, 2019

The Toys Dogs Like Best And Why

The Toys Dogs Like Best And Why a puppy chews on his favorite toy

Deciding what toy to buy for a restless pup isn’t an easy decision. There are countless options touting their benefits: durability, dental protection, or just plain cuteness. Over time, most owners gain a better understanding of their own dog’s preferences. But sometimes, after agonizing over the decision and bringing it home, your dog barely touches […]

Does your dog resent you?

Does your dog resent you?

We’ve probably all experienced that “guilty dog” look — the one that they give us when we catch them doing something wrong and discipline them for it. Body lowered, ears, head, and tail down, maybe squinty eyes. But is it really guilt that the dog is demonstrating, or just submission? And what happens in your […]