Day: August 25, 2019

Rehabilitating A Dog That’s Been Bitten

Rehabilitating A Dog That’s Been Bitten A dog looks sad after being bitten by another dog

It’s probably in every dog lover’s top five nightmare scenarios — your dog is attacked and bitten by another dog, possibly seriously enough to require veterinary care. It can be traumatic for everyone involved, human and dog. So what’s the best way to deal with the situation, when it happens and afterwards? If it hasn’t […]

A Single Baby Step

A Single Baby Step Cesar Millan with his son Andre

Here’s something I’m pretty sure almost everyone learned at one point but doesn’t remember doing: How to walk. It’s a pretty basic skill that we develop before our brains really start making memories, but as any of us who’s been around toddlers has seen, it doesn’t come without a lot of trial and error. Before […]