Month: September 2022

Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair Around Your House

Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair Around Your House Parents of four-legged friends can struggle with the constant dog hair on furniture, floors, and other surfaces. Read here for tips on how to manage pet hair in your home.

There is only one downside to having a pet, and it’s a minor one: they shed—a lot. And depending on the breed of your pet, they can easily shed enough fur to create a small army of fur balls. But regardless of how much our pets shed, we still love them and wouldn’t trade them […]

Puppies And Exercise: How Much Is Too Much?

Puppies And Exercise: How Much Is Too Much? A cute puppy plays fetch in the backyard with his owner. Games like fetch, hide-and-seek, tugging, and chasing are great ways to play with your pup.

I’m often asked, “Is there such a thing as TOO much exercise for a puppy?” I feel that as long as you are careful and attentive to your puppy, the puppy is the best one to tell you what too much exercise is. Puppies often do not have enough muscle tone to take long runs, […]

Why Dogs Bark

Why Dogs Bark A German Shepherd on a walk with his owner barks because he senses danger ahead. The body posture also suggest he is ready to attack the threat.

Dogs use a variety of cues to communicate with each other and humans. They verbalize thoughts, feelings, or opinions through growls, whines, or barks that can be loudest when it’s time for them to take action on something they don’t want you doing! If your dog barks, there is a reason why. It may be […]