Month: February 2023

Dog Constipation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments 

Dog Constipation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments  A dog is trying to go poop but because of constipation, he can’t. This article tells you all about dog constipation and how you can help your pup.

As one of the most common digestive problems among animals, constipation — the difficulty or inability to have normal bowel movements — can affect dogs of all breeds, ages, and lifestyles.While constipation may be common in dogs, it should never be ignored. Left untreated, constipation can cause more serious health problems in the future, including […]

Dog Chasing Tail Obsession

Dog Chasing Tail Obsession A dog on the beach chases and bites her tail to relieve itching from fleas. Learn to help your pup break this behavior if the tail chasing becomes obsessive.

Dear Cesar:We have a ten-year-old lab/pit bull mix. He is housebroken and can do a few tricks. The only problem is he LOVES to chase his tail. Whenever someone comes into the house, or even if there is any loud noise, he chases and chases and chases until he catches his tail. He can walk […]

15 Steps to Overcome Submissive Urination

15 Steps to Overcome Submissive Urination A puppy has an accident when her owner returns from running an errand. With proper training and consistency, dogs can overcome this behavior.

What is Submissive Urination in Dogs? Submissive urination is a dog’s uncontrollable, instinctive reaction to the presence of another dog or human that they feel is superior or intimidating to them. It is a subconscious response that cannot be controlled. While it is not a housebreaking issue, it is more likely to happen when the […]