80-Year-Old Grandma Cries Out After Getting A New Puppy

There is nothing that puppies can’t do. But one of their greatest accomplishments is that they can bring so much joy and happiness to lonely people. One family shared a wonderful story of the surprise of a puppy gifted to their grandmother.

Getting older sometimes means that people get lonely. It’s a big change in life as your friends and significant others begin to pass away and your children are busy with lives of their own – it’s not always easy to adjust. And that is where a little furry company can make a wonderful difference. 

One woman shared how her husband’s grandmother, Ann, had lost her beloved Rat Terrier, Pookie, on Christmas Eve of all nights. Naturally, Ann was distraught that her pet had passed away. That Christmas, her family bought Ann an iPad as a gift, but it didn’t quite fill the void of her late Pookie. The woman and her daughter helped to set Ann up on Facebook where she could chat to friends and watch/share videos.

Not long after the holidays, the woman noticed that Ann was sharing a lot of videos that featured rescue dogs. That is when she and her husband, Charlie, got the idea to gift the grandma a puppy. The couple rationalized that since Ann was quite fond of their own two dogs, a Pug and a Boston Terrier, that they should get her one of those breeds for Ann as a surprise.

It was then in March that the couple found the perfect little puppy for Ann: a pug. They drove four hours in order to pick her up and bring her to Ann’s as a surprise. The puppy was all dressed up in a little pink bandana, ready to meet her new friend. 

When they got to Ann’s house, the woman decided to record Ann’s reaction. When the couple arrived at her home, they called her and pretended they had something of great importance to discuss with her. Naturally, Ann immediately let them in but she was in for a shock.

When the woman entered Ann’s home, she instructed the older lady to close her eyes while Charlie snuck in the little pup. 

You can watch the elderly lady’s reaction in the video below:

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