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Cesar Millan interacts with a pack of dogs.
Cesar Millan

When Affection Comes First

I rehabilitate dogs and I train people because probably 99.9% of dog misbehaviors happen when their humans create the misbehavior accidentally or fail to let the dog be a dog. Usually, people accidentally create a misbehavior by giving too much affection, and at the wrong time. And they fail to let a dog be a dog by treating them like human children and trying to communicate with them using human psychology. These are the bad dog habits that I train out of people. But did you know that you can also use the same techniques to train yourself out of

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a man and his dog go for a walk to teach and train
All About Dogs

(R)Overprotective: When Dogs Watch Out Too Much

While part of a dog’s job is to warn us of potential danger in the environment, sometimes they can overdo it. A dog giving a couple of barks when the mailman comes by is fine, but if a dog barks constantly throughout the day, it’s not. Likewise, while it can be normal for a dog to be leery of strangers, they should never growl at familiar people or try to keep them away from you. These are all signs of a dog being overprotective, but they aren’t the only ones. If your dog is always getting in your space or

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Three More Questions

By Cesar Millan It’s time to answer more of your questions, and a common thread I notice in many of them is that people focus on the dog and what it does. However, no dog behavior is without a cause, and the causes of misbehaviors are usually always the people in the Pack. So, if your dog has a problem, the first question to ask is not “Why is my dog doing that?” It should be “What am I doing to cause it?” Now let’s dive into the email bag! * * * My Chihuahua is possessive with me. He

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Dog Care

Balancing The Equation

By Cesar Millan My goal in rehabilitating dogs and training people is to create balanced relationships between humans and canines, but people often ask me, “What is a balanced dog?” A balanced dog is calm and submissive, obedient and well-behaved. A truly balanced dog does not need a leash between him or herself and their human, although you should follow the local leash laws in your community always, no matter how balanced your dog is. The response to this is usually, “Okay, but what is a balanced dog?” The real question, of course, is “How do I get my dog

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Dogs Around The World

“Exercise, Discipline, Affection — in that order.” Many of you know this as my canine fulfillment formula. When I first came to the United States from Mexico, the thing I began to see was that Americans tend to give their dogs “Affection, Affection, Affection,” treating their dogs like children and failing to take on the role of a strong pack leader. When a dog has no pack leader, she will become insecure and anxious, moving into an unstable energy state. This leads to many of the problems I see, from non-stop barking and separation anxiety to destroying things around the

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Young lady talks and bonds with her puppy to build connection and trust.
Dog Behavior


By Cesar Millan Today marks the end of the month-long event known as the World Cup and, even living in a country that usually doesn’t pay much attention to fútbol, like the U.S., this event definitely got people’s interest. Now I know that some of my staff watched the games during work, but that’s okay. Humans form bonds over things like sporting events, especially when they root for the same teams, which creates a stronger pack. It can also be a healthy outlet for our natural competitive urges. But there are unhealthy sides to human bonding in teams, when competition

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Cear Millan pointing
Be the Pack Leader

How To Find Your ‘A-Ha’ Moment

I’m very excited about the new season of “Cesar 911,” which premieres this Friday on Nat Geo Wild, and I’m particularly proud of this show because it has given me a chance to go out and help communities of people — friends, neighbors, and co-workers — and, of course, to rehabilitate dogs. I faced some interesting and challenging cases, but also was rewarded by seeing people finally have their “A-ha” moment and find balance with their dogs. But the people on the show weren’t the only ones who learned from the experience. I did, too. The Importance of Follow-Through I

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A cute dog, ready to go on a long road trip, is harnessed safely in the backseat of a car.
Dog Care

Best Dog Travel Tips

Bringing your dog on vacation with you adds to the fun and alleviates the worry of not knowing what’s happening with your dog while you’re on the road. It would help if you did your homework on dog travel, though. Planes and cars aren’t designed with dogs in mind, and you need to know what to expect when you reach your final destination. Planning your dog’s travel ahead of time can make the vacation a truly relaxing time for you and your furry friend. Here is a checklist of dog travel tips made easy. Preparing Your Dog for Travel  Preparing

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A woman gets a new dog and begins obedience training right away to establish her as the pack leader. Proper training is essential when bringing a new pup in your home.
All About Dogs

Common Mistakes Of First-Time Dog Owners

When you think about getting a dog, you most likely imagine the fun and excitement of it. You’ll have a furry companion to snuggle with, a living alarm system to ward off would-be burglars, a playmate — or all three. But there’s a lot that goes into being a good Pack Leader. A dog is a big responsibility, and ownership means being able to commit a significant amount of time and money. Often it can even require a lifestyle change. First-time owners who don’t spend enough time learning about what they’re getting into can find themselves in over their heads

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A cute dog gets ready to go through an indoor obstacle course that her pack leader set up because the weather outside is too cold for prolonger periods.
Dog Psychology

Indoor Activities for Dogs

In an ideal world, we would all walk our dogs twice daily, 30 minutes to an hour each time. Unfortunately, our world is not always ideal; in fact, it’s sometimes downright inconvenient! When harsh weather hits or circumstances make it difficult or impossible to venture outside for physical exercise, don’t despair! There are indoor activities for dogs  that you can enjoy right in the comfort of your own home. Benefits of Keeping Dogs Mentally and Physically Stimulated Indoors Keeping a dog mentally and physically stimulated indoors is essential for overall well-being. Dogs are active animals that require regular exercise and

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