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Dogs Are Refusing To Let Their Humans Workout At Home

The self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic is coming for us all. However, staying at home isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of activity. Some of us are enjoying finally tackling our reading lists with a cup of coffee or tea, while others are binging Netflix and depleting their quarantine snacks. Meanwhile, there are even more who are going stir-crazy and need something physical to do before they start destroying things. In either case, coming up with a daily routine that you find soothing is definitely crucial to maintaining your mental health while we live out this dystopian reality. For those amongst

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Adapting To Autumn

Many of us love this time of year — the changing color of the leaves, brisk fall breezes, and finally a respite from the hot weather of Summer. For your dog, however, fall may be more work than fun. The change in the season can mean a decrease in exercise, and an increase in baths, allergens, and other unpleasantness for your dog. The following tips should help make the transition into the new season enjoyable for both you and your dog. Health Concerns Pet lovers may forget about such things as allergens, keeping your dog warm, medical issues, etc., that

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A cute puppy plays fetch in the backyard with his owner. Games like fetch, hide-and-seek, tugging, and chasing are great ways to play with your pup.
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Puppies And Exercise: How Much Is Too Much?

I’m often asked, “Is there such a thing as TOO much exercise for a puppy?” I feel that as long as you are careful and attentive to your puppy, the puppy is the best one to tell you what too much exercise is. Puppies often do not have enough muscle tone to take long runs, but there are always exceptions. Most puppies will tell you when they have hit their limit, and it is vital to resist pushing them beyond this point. Some Things to Be Cautious About Dangers of Over-Exercising Puppies Your puppy is growing just like a human

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dog allergies - caring for beagles - cesar’s way
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Caring For Beagles

If you’re looking for a friendly, affectionate dog breed to add to your family, the Beagle may just be the perfect canine for you. Known for its gentle temperament and sweet personality, the Beagle makes a wonderful companion and great family pet. If you want to learn more about this intelligent, sweet-tempered breed, you have come to the right place. Today, we’ll explore the characteristics of Beagles and what it’s like to own this particular breed of dog. We’ll also break down the steps to Beagle care and important information on Beagle health. Ready to learn more about caring for

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