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Simplicity is key and you can't find a simpler or more effective tool than Cesar’s Nylon Training Leads — now in more colors so you and your dog can walk in style.
The sounds and smells of the 4th of July can be terrifying for our dogs. Here’s how to keep yours calm and happy when the noise begins.
Before you set off for adventure with your dogs, prepare yourself with our most popular products, from our popular training leads to Cesar’s best-selling books. We’ve even got your car seats covered from summer sand and dirt.
Bonnie the dog getting her cheek swabed for a dog DNA test
Paul Kersh

Dogs can’t tell us who their ancestors were — but their DNA can, and sometimes the results can be surprising, as one Cesar’s Way staffer learned.

Happy dog and human relaxed together

Focus on what makes dogs happiest ' being part of a balanced pack with a confident leader ' then put yourself in the role of that confident leader and just...

Rob Hainer/

In honor of National Kids & Pets Day, Cesar reminds us what we need to teach our kids about animals — and what kids and animals can teach us.

Little girl with a cocker spaniel dog

Looking for the perfect family dog? Here are some of the breeds to consider and why.

Dog sitting next to a computer

For low voltage shocks in the home, do not touch your pet until you have turned off the electrical source.

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