Couple’s Dog Filmed Their Wedding With A GoPro That Was Attached To His Collar

Planning a wedding is something that is a unique journey for every couple. For Julia Luckett and Nick Pierce, their wedding planning involved their dog, Zhivago, having a huge role in their big day. The couple made plans to have the ceremony take place at Julia’s family’s home located in South Hero, Vermont, and make it a huge bash celebrating their love with their family and friends.

Julia and Nick’s romance blossomed way back at Skidmore College, when they were both studying music. After losing touch, the couple reconnected again in 2011 while out at a “dive bar” in Saratoga Springs, New York. During their time together, Nick focused on becoming a librarian, while Julia began a career in photography.

Then, in 2018, while at the Luckett family home in Vermont, Nick finally popped the question.

As Julia explained to Insider, “He proposed there because it’s our favorite place. That’s also why we decided to get married there.”

The Luckett family has a tradition of couples in the family getting married at the property – which had been bought by Julia’s great-great-great-grandfather many years ago.

“My parents actually got married on that property, along with many other family members. It’s definitely a special family location to everyone,” Julia said.

While planning out their wedding day, Nick and Julia were bouncing back and forth plenty of ideas on how to get Zhivago to be a part of the ceremony. The couple had adopted Zhivago three years prior, and he was a huge part of their relationship. Knowing that they wanted him to be a part of the day, they knew they had to get creative in how he could be incorporated.

As Julia explained, “We knew we wanted to incorporate him into the wedding somehow, but he’s definitely a very adventurous and spirited dog.”

After seeing some of their friends attach a GoPro camera to their dog during their wedding, Nick and Julia got the brilliant idea to do the same.

Commenting on their friends’ footage, Julia said, “It was so great and fun.”

Julia added, “It just seemed like an amazing idea that’s really quirky.”

Deciding it was the right move for their ceremony, Julia and Nick got a GoPro camera off their cousins Stephen and Alix Bower in order to borrow it for their ceremony.

Of course, they had to do a few trial runs with the GoPro attached to Zhivago’s collar in order to make sure the big day went on without any hiccups. And just like that, Zhivago became an expert in video filming, and he was ready to go for the big day on June 22, 2019.

And little Zhivago really delivered in terms of getting it all – before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and afterward at the cocktail hour reception.

As Julia revealed, “We were pretty blown away by what he captured.”

You can watch Zhivago’s video skills below:

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