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Nylon Training Lead
Cesar’s nylon training lead is made to put you in charge on the walk and its simple design makes it easy to use. Just slip it on your
dog — and you’re off!
Cesar's New Book
Cesar shares the lessons he’s learned from decades of experience and eight very special dogs in his life in his brand new book.
Now available!
New Puppy Combo
If you want your new puppy to grow up into a good dog, you can never start too early!
Mastering Leadership
A 6-DVD Set! Own the definitive guide to Cesar's approach and methods.
Pack Leader Collar
The number one tool for the perfect walk! With Cesar’s unique collar, master the walk and be in control as Pack Leader.

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Lessons From The Pack Book Cover
Lessons from the Pack: Stories of the Dogs Who Changed My Life
New Puppy Combo
New Dog Combo
New Dog Combo
Get Out and Go Combo
Get Out and Go Combo
B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer - Cesar Millan Premier Grooming Collection
Pack Leader Collar™
Nylon Training Lead
Mastering Leadership Series: Complete Six-DVD Box Set
Cesar Millan Dog Backpack
Essentials of Dog Behavior 2-DVD Bundle
Cesar Millan Quick-Fit Bench Seat Cover
Mastering Leadership Series: Vol. 6 Raising the Perfect Puppy (Download)
Bright Light Collar & Leash Set
Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization (DVD)
Short Guide to a Happy Dog - Paperback
Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog (Paperback)
Bright Light Leash™
Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization (Digital Download)
Bright Light Collar™
Essentials of Dog Behavior: The Language of Dogs
Jacquard GOODOG Leash
Essentials of Dog Behavior: The Language of Dogs (Digital Download)
EasyTurf® Go Mat Size 7' x 10'
EasyTurf® Go Mat Size 3' x 5'
Braided Striped Collar
Braided Striped Leash
Jacquard GOODOG Collar
EasyTurf® Go Mat Size 5' x 8'
Cesar Millan Funny Muzzle™
Cesar Millan Viva Las Vegas (Digital Download)

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