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Jacquard GOODOG Collars and Leashes
Strong and comfortable for all dogs
Mastering Leadership DVD Box Set
Learn all about Cesar’s approach and methods in this best-selling DVD collection.
The Language of Dogs DVD
Learn how dogs communicate with their instincts, body language, and energy.
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Pack Leader Collar
Walk your dog with confidence. Achieve a calm, assertive walk with this training collar.
Bright Light Leash & Collar
High visibility from cars and pedestrians mean safer walks with your dog

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Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization (Digital Download)
Jacquard GOODOG Leash
Jacquard GOODOG Collar
Braided Striped Collar
Braided Striped Leash
Bright Light Collar™
Bright Light Leash™
Bright Light Collar & Leash Set
Bark & Bones Limited Edition Tees - "French Kiss"
Healthy Beef Treats
Complete Dental Kit
Double Headed Toothbrush
Microfiber Fingerbrush Oral Cleaner
Puppy Pack
Canine Toothpaste
Mini Canine Toothpaste
Silentpower Sonic Toothbrush
Silentpower Sonic Toothbrush Replacement Head
Cesar Millan Dog Fleece Coats
Essentials of Dog Behavior 2-DVD Bundle
Pack Leader Collar™
Mastering Leadership Series: Complete Six-DVD Box Set
Essentials of Dog Behavior: The Language of Dogs
Nylon Training Lead

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