Why Cesar Millan Created The Funny Muzzle

Example of The Funny Muzzle By Cesar Millan Yellow Muzzle

What do you think about when you hear the word “muzzle”? Do you picture a dog wearing one of those devices that prevents them from biting? A muzzle is designed to stop dogs from biting and acting out, but many people believe that muzzles are cruel and hurtful to the animal’s overall health. 

This article will discuss the problems with traditional muzzles and why they can cause physical and mental harm on your pet. Then we will talk about how Cesar Millan created an alternative with his Funny Muzzle for your pup!

The Problem with Traditional Muzzles

Appears Scary to Others

Traditional muzzles have never made a dog appear more approachable, it simply makes them look scary and keeps people away. It’s common for people to feel fear and worry when they are near a dog with a muzzle, but this lack of interaction could cause more problems. The negative energy from these people can eventually make the dog more anxious and confused, and therefore more aggressive.

If your dog is having aggressive tendencies, the answer isn’t always to put a muzzle on them whenever you have concerns with their behavior. It may be best to be honest with yourself and your dog about the problems you are facing, whether it’s separation anxiety or some other issue.

Muzzles and Your Dog’s Physical Health

Muzzles certainly have their benefits when used properly and through training. However, there can be some drastic downsides to using a traditional muzzle if used incorrectly. It is highly recommended that you don’t leave a muzzle on for more than an hour at a time, your dog may begin to try to take it off and injure itself, or even just stay silent and get used to their mouth hurting all the time.

Muzzles Hinder Eating

The muzzle prevents a dog’s mouth from opening wide enough to eat or drink, which can be quite injurious as they are unable to properly hydrate themselves.

Muzzle Hinder Breathing

Dogs are panting animals, and the muzzle prevents them from naturally breathing through their mouth. This can lead to overheating among other things.

Traditional Muzzles Can Hurt Your Dog's Teeth

A dog wears down his or her teeth by chewing on bones and toys – a traditional muzzle does not allow this and can lead to over-sharpening of the teeth.

Muzzles and Dogs’ Mental Health

Dogs with muzzles are often anxious and can develop separation or social anxiety, fear, or even more aggression due to being unable to interact normally.

Muzzles Can Hurt Your Dog's Ability To Interact with Other Animals

Traditional muzzles inhibit a dog from licking or sniffing other animals, which is how they identify one another. This means no more kissing/sniffing other dogs on walks!

Traditional Muzzles Can Lead to Depression

Dogs are social animals and a muzzle causes them to feel like they’re being punished. This leads to depression, which often manifests as aggression or excessive barking.

Traditional Muzzles Can Lead to Aggression

A dog wearing a traditional muzzle becomes frustrated when he cannot eat, drink or pant properly – this frustration can lead back into aggressive behavior and even aggression toward their owner.

TIP: Please always make sure you know how to properly use a muzzle before using one. Dogs should never be muzzled for more than an hour at one time, and they need to have it removed when they eat or drink water. 

Why the Funny Muzzle Is Better

The Funny Muzzle is the solution, it’s designed to calm down dogs and the people who meet them. Using a humorous design to lift the spirits of your dog and the people around them, the Funny Muzzle is a better option to traditional muzzles.

The Funny Muzzle Has Many Benefits:

Reduces Aggressive Behavior

By using an open snout design, your dog will feel less constricted and be able to enjoy the fresh air like they normally would. Since a muzzle already limits a dog’s natural instinct of panting to cool off, it is crucial to give them the ability to do so.

Improves Dog Interactions with People and Other Dogs

Traditional muzzles are bulky and end up getting in the way of your dog’s view, resulting in more panic and irrational behavior from your pet. The design of the Funny Muzzle allows them to see their surroundings with no obstructions giving them a calmer demeanor.

Dogs are pack animals that need contact with us as well as other dogs in order to maintain their health and happiness. This can easily be taken away by a traditional muzzle that could hinder their ability to sniff their environment and other dogs. 

Better Socialization in Public Places

Public areas are one of the most common places where owners feel they must muzzle their dog. Oftentimes, this dog is portrayed to be a scary menace that can’t be controlled because of the muzzle design. However, The Funny Muzzle will allow you and your dog to appear more approachable and friendly to those around you.

Giving Owners Peace of Mind When They Meet New Animals

Dogs are naturally social beings and need to be able to meet new animals in order for them not to fear the unknown. This is an important aspect of owning a dog that many people overlook, which can lead your pet into becoming fearful or anxious when they see another animal out of context.

The Funny Muzzle will allow you to let your pet meet other dogs safely, without having to worry about an argument of dominance going down. This will begin to teach your pet successful social skills in the dog world.

These benefits all come from having a unique, playful design and using a soft mesh fabric that doesn’t bother your dog. As preached by Cesar Millan, a dog will always match the energy you bring to them.

The Funny Muzzle is the perfect solution because it gives people a reason to be happy and have positive energy when being around or approaching your dog. It not only protects your pet from biting or eating something they shouldn’t but also makes them look like their goofy selves again!

Still have questions? See Cesar Millan explain it all in this video below..

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