A Minneapolis Shelter Is Now Completely Empty For The Holidays

It’s a Christmas miracle! Over the holiday weekend, the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control was able to tape a wonderful sign to its door – and it’s heartwarming.

The City Of Minneapolis Twitter account shared an image of that sign written all caps that read, ALL ADOPTABLE ANIMALS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED.


“The shelter is clear! Dozens of dogs, cats, and small critters found new homes today during our Clear the Shelter event. Thanks to our staff, volunteers, and adopters for making it happen,” they wrote in their post.

So if you were in the Minneapolis area and planning to adopt an animal, you’ll be happy to know that there aren’t any in need of homes at the moment – although there are still some looking for fosters!

As the post stated, the wonderful news is a result of a Clear The Shelters event, which was held on Friday, November 22nd. During this adoption event, all adoption fees were waived.


On Facebook, the shelter described the magnitude of the adoption event as following, “MACC had around 300 Minnesotans show up to stand in 30-degree weather to wait in line to adopt an animal today. Most animals had multiple applicants.”

Whether it was the waived adoption fees or the general spirit of giving given the holiday season, the event turned out to be very popular. There was even a huge line out the door.

The adoption event occurred on a first-come, first-served basis. There were some cases that multiple adopters wanted the same pet, so to settle the matter a lottery had to be drawn to pick the lucky new owner. The shelter was also open for adoptions only from 1-6 pm, so this massive adoption happened quite quickly.


They wrote, “Thanks to all those who stopped in. Staff and volunteers expected about 50-100 people and the generosity of our MN community was greater than anticipated, so it was a *bit* chaotic in the building. Staff and volunteers debriefed after the event to take learnings from today to improve future Clear The Shelters events!”

It’s very rare to hear about an animal shelter getting completely adopted out – but this is such wonderful news that it was managed. So congrats to all the little animals who were given new homes as a result – may they live long and happy lives in their new homes. And a huge thank you to all the caring animal people who adopted pets – be good to them!


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