Adorable Sheepdogs In Training Meet Sheep For The First Time

Border Collies are quite intelligent. They’re said to be one of the smartest breeds in the world. I have a friend who has two Border Collies of her own, and they are definitely very intelligent. The two dogs know all kinds of different tricks and commands. But what these dogs were bred for, what their intelligence lends itself to, is herding sheep. As my friend has told me, her dogs do have a herding instinct within them which they often display by trying to corral the family’s cats. 

I have found that all herding breeds tend to have that innate desire to protect and herd other animals, and Border Collies are no different. These dogs make for fantastic herders because of their intelligence which allows them to become very adept at their trade. And most of these sheepdogs get their start quite young in life. And it’s a necessary step in order to get them ready for what will be their lifelong career. But watching little Border Collie puppies interact with sheep for the first time is actually a pretty heartwarming sight. 

One video captured a pack of month-old Border Collies getting acquainted with sheep for the very first time. Each of the puppies seems to have a different reaction to the strange creatures in front of them. Most of the little pups stick close to Mom as she shows them the ropes of what it means to be a working sheepdog. While some probably won’t advance with their careers in herding sheep, there was one little puppy in particular who showed a great promise. He was already working up the nerve to approach the giant sheep. However, at the last second, he chickened out a bit. But at least he gave it a shot. And it was his bravery that then inspired his siblings to take a turn approaching the sheep.

Watch the absolute cuteness of these tiny pups meeting sheep for the first time in the video clip below:

What do you think of these brave little puppies? Have you ever seen Border Collie puppies encounter sheep training? Let us know!

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