Cesar trains a dog on a beautiful fall day.

Change is an inevitable part of life. In fact, without change, we wouldn’t be able to understand the concept of time. But, as humans, we love to hang onto things even when it’s time to let go.

Every ending, though, is a new beginning, no matter how final any ending may appear to be and despite life’s downs and ups. Endings are really just opportunities to start things all over.

So yes, I am announcing an ending, but it’s also a beginning, so this is not a complete good-bye between you and I.

Although it is a big change and the short version is that this will be the last Sunday message you’ll be getting from me, but don’t worry — the mid-week newsletters will keep coming. It’s hard to believe that I sent you my first Sunday message exactly 288 weeks ago. That’s just over five and a half years. Nearly three hundred stories and pieces of advice. I’d love to keep doing it, as I’ve already mentioned, but there always comes a time to move on.

Really, I’d love to, but I’ve decided to take a new turn and follow a different emphasis. Before I explain that, though, I’d like to give a shout out and thanks to the team that’s been helping me help you for a while now. Some of them have been with me forever, and some are relatively new, but all of them have been part of my office pack. In alphabetical order by last name, my thanks to Khalila, Bob, Reggie, Celeste, Jon, Peter, Ciria, Kim, George, Paul, Cooper, Michael, Lisa, Dave, and Marijke.

So… what are the big changes? I’m glad you asked!

Better Communications

One of the main things is that I’d like to give a bigger emphasis to communicating with you directly through social media, like Facebook. You may have already noticed a change, and also my request for feedback, which I hope you’ll all respond to quickly.

Looking ahead, there are going to be more changes, I’m sure — some really big, some hardly noticeable, at least not from the outside. But I’m hoping you’ll all stick around for the ride we’ll be going on.

Dogs are really amazing, and are still going to be part of my world, and yours. I just think, by now, that I’ve given you all of the advice that I can in these Sunday messages, and anything you need to learn is all on the website, where you can find everything you’d ever want to know about your favorite Fido.

Other than that , it’s been really amazing getting to share my knowledge with you every week, to read your feedback, and help you live in the present, in touch with the now, instead of the past and its ghosts. Writing these messages to you has been the best part.

Until I start to share with you by email again, if I do, I thank you for listening, and Junior thanks you also. I hope I’ve provided killer advice and that my words have struck a chord, too.

Take care, and thank you for reading these messages, even if for now it’s time to say “Over and out.”

Stay calm, and, see you soon!

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