America’s Got Talent Star Performs Footloose Dance Routine With Her ‘Bride Dog’

Back before there was a pandemic, we lived in simpler times when we could still enjoy large gatherings such as weddings. And the best part of any wedding, was when there was a dog present. Nothing was better than seeing dogs be a part of someone’s big day because let’s face it, dogs are so much fun.

And one bride, in particular, performed quite a dance with her dog at her wedding reception. Of course, this was no ordinary dog, this was the border collie named Hero, from the 12th season of America’s Got Talent. Alongside his owner, dog trainer Sara Carson Devine, the pair blew guests away with an amazing wedding performance.

Sara normally performs with Hero and her four other collies – the dance troupe has been regularly putting on performances since their 2017 appearance on America’s Got Talent, where they placed 5th.

However, as Sara revealed to The Daily Mail, “Hero goes to hundreds of events every year but I have a feeling he did know that this was pretty special.”

When it came to the big day, it was just the duo performing. And while Sara was nervous, her nerves had nothing to do with Hero’s ability to put on a show. Instead, the bride was feeling anxious about whether or not she was going to be able to pull off the entire performance while wearing a big, beautiful white wedding gown.

But the pair did it, and it couldn’t have gone better!

You can follow Sara and her dancing dogs on Facebook under their name, The Super Collies.

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