Angry Great Dane Gets Furious When Dinner Plans Change

I think it’s safe to say that most of us enjoy our food and can get quite hangry at the prospect of going without. For most of us, we count out days according to mealtimes, and when we get to enjoy certain treats and cheat meals and such. Even if some of us get more into our meals than others it is definitely safe to assume that we all eat at least two meals a day, if not three. While some might skip breakfast, we at least have lunch and dinner to help get us through the day.

Same with our pets. Most of us usually feed our pets in the morning and then again in the afternoon or evening time so that they’re getting at least two meals a day. And our pets definitely enjoy their chow time. They will never say no to food. Instead, it’s usually up to us pet parents to tell them no more because if it were up to them then they’d be continuously eating. 

However, there was one Great Dane who threw a proper strop when his family told him that there was going to be no dinner for him. Eight-year-old Sirius was in the living room with his owners, begging for some dinner. However, his owners had other plans.

They informed the giant pooch that from there on out, he would not be receiving dinner. Instead, he would have to be enjoying breakfast but no more dinner. Obviously, this was not going to fly with the pup. As soon as he heard the words he began to voice his opinion. And it was a very vocal “give me my dinner” assertion. 

It was definitely a hilarious video to watch. In the footage, the owner explains that the dog would no longer be getting chicken with his dinner and he’d only be having it for breakfast. Immediately, Sirius was not happy. His grunts of frustration just got more intense the more he was told “no.”

Watch his reaction in the video below:

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