Animal Shelters Are Hosting Virtual Adoptions On Zoom

Zoom has been the lifesaver of the pandemic so far, as many businesses, as well as ordinary people, are using the virtual space in order to try and keep up with the everyday communications needed. And animal shelters are among those taking to the virtual web-based video conferencing service to continue their quest to help animals find forever homes.

Zoom Meetings for Pet Adoptions

In fact, Pedigree teamed up with many shelters across the US to utilize Zoom meetings in order to get their animals online to meet potential forever homes through virtual adoptions. And it is a brilliant idea.

Photo: Pedigree

Created by Pedigree as a means of helping shelter dogs get adopted, the “Dogs on Zoom” program is a very simple concept. It allows people to meet and get to know potential pets without having to leave their homes. They can ask questions to shelter staff and even fill out an adoption form online if they want to proceed with the adoption. The dog food company isn’t just facilitating Zoom calls between shelters and potential dog owners, but they’re also covering all the adoption fees for all the featured dogs!

Photo: Pedigree

People are asked to register for a meeting, after which all the details will be sent to them in an email. The website has listed out the featured shelter, dates, and times of the meetings scheduled to take place.

What you can expect during one of these Zoom meetings is to be able to talk to the shelter staff and have all your questions answered. Then, the dogs are live-streamed from their kennels. The whole thing can easily last an hour. Those who are then interested in pursuing an adoption after the Zoom meeting will be able to fill in an application, and all the normal adoption steps will be taken once that’s completed.

One of the first shelters to get involved in the program was the Nashville Humane Association. Director of Operations and Development for the shelter, Becca, was the host offering virtual adoptions. The shelter even had some precious cats as well as kittens who were in search of homes. As a result, the shelter gained a lot of interest in adoption, so they had to post to their Facebook the instructions on how to proceed with the adoption.

Photo: Facebook

Pedigree has plans to expand the program to even more shelters as a means of helping shelter dogs everywhere across the country to find the homes they deserve. Another shelter featured in their program, was the SPCA Florida shelter.

Contact Free Curbside Adoptions

But in case you’re wondering because there are any shelters closed to the public due to the pandemic, contact-free curbside adoptions are becoming more commonplace, as well as the virtual meet and greet. While we have to adjust to a new way of handling things, it’s good to see that shelters are still able to adopt out their animals in need. Always adopt instead of shop!

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