Animal Shelters Around The World Are Left Without Food Because Of The Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage, we need to remember the less fortunate than us. And that includes the animals. We cannot, and I repeat, we cannot continue to panic buy because when we do, then we leave nothing for those less fortunate – the ones who can’t afford to keep up with the stockpiling. And I’m not just talking about hoarding toilet paper, I also mean pet food.

I get it, we’re all scared, and we’re trying to be responsible pet owners making sure that there is enough food for our pets should things get really bad. But, we shouldn’t stockpile and hoard, because that means that we’re taking away pet food from others who need it – mainly animal shelters and rescues. There are lots of animal charities who are revealing that they are running out of pet food for cats and dogs, and can’t get anymore due to people panic buying.

Because of this, there are fundraisers being set up to help affected rescues such as Paws2Rescue, a charity that is often supported by comedian Ricky Gervais, and which is known for aiding the stray dogs of Romania. The charity’s founder, Alison Standbridge, has revealed that the situation is quite “critical.” Since it’s so tough, the charity is posting appeals on Facebook for donations in order to be able to afford to buy directly from the manufacturers as all the store supplies have run out.

🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘S O S!!! 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘Coronavirus craziness has reached Romania and we have had more than one rescuer crying to us…

Posted by Paws2Rescue on Thursday, March 12, 2020

The charity said, “We have several tons of food held in reserve at manufacturers in Romania, please help us to buy some of this because we desperately want to send food out in the next couple of days to rescuers across the country. This really will be a horrific time for the dogs when the shops are stocking essentials only – and that does not include dog food.”

Since posting the plea for help, the Paws2Rescue has already raised more than £2,000. Former Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson, along with Emma Naylor, co-founder of All Hearts Global which supports animal charities, has decided to create a fundraiser to help an animal shelter in Greece.

Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK) are caring for hundreds of dogs and cats, however, they’re facing a major crisis because they don’t have enough volunteers or donations.

Their appeal says, “Shelter’s rescue animals are not a high priority right now, but abandoned, unwanted, abused animals are paying a high price during this crisis as people are struggling and are discarding animals. On top of that, with flights being canceled, and holidays being postponed the number of volunteers to animal charities all over the world has dropped hugely.

It further states, “Both Emma and Lucy have adopted, and spent time at the rescue center with Marina and Joyce who are the only two full-time volunteers who work at the center. The coronavirus and the lack of travel is having a huge impact on the help they are receiving, and the funds that are being donated.”

The statement continues, “The center costs thousands of Euros to run a month, which includes basic food for all 350 animals, emergency vet appointments and the day to day medication required for the animals. Please donate what you can to help the innocent animals who are being affected by this hard time.”

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SOS Romania. We appealed for help and you cared and donated. We ordered tons of food from a manufacturer whilst those who could still buy food locally did this with our donations instead. Tomorrow, Romania goes into a possible lockdown, with borders already closing, your donations meant that we could distribute tons and tons of food and we intend to do this over the next few days too. Your kindness really is saving the dogs from starving. Every single rescuer or dog lover who asked for help, we helped, you helped. Because we wonder if the local shops will re stock dog food when it's emergency food only… You can still donate if you look at this link. We will share all the photos of all the rescuers and dogs who have food. Thank you all #betheirvoice #coronavirus #dogrescue #romania

A post shared by Paws2Rescue (@paws2rescueuk) on

So, with that in mind, let us not forget to be kind to the homeless animals during this time. They are being affected too. Donate when you can, or foster if you’re able to.

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